New video up for y’all! I’m covering Tamela Mann’s “Take Me to the King” after getting a bazillion requests for it.

My laptop mic can’t handle my voice, so excuse the awkward sound quality, please.

Much love, guys. :*

~Yanii M.

Sometimes I wonder how many people are theatre fans on tumblr.


Reblog if you enjoy theatre.

Any musical.

Any straight play.

If there is a single one you like, reblog.

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Anyone a fan of foreign films?
Jeux d’enfants is WONDERFUL. French. Twisted. I could watch it for days.

Anyone a fan of foreign films?

Jeux d’enfants is WONDERFUL. French. Twisted. I could watch it for days.

I just love it when…

…I can be staring at a wall and just get random inspiration for music. Makes me happy.

Our Skies [Raw]

Hear my latest demo on SoundCloud.

A Personal Blog Entry

Have you ever wondered what your purpose here was, like on the planet, in life? Most people wander aimlessly, not really living, just existing. Other people have Carpe Diem embedded in their skulls, or YOLO for the most recent generation.

I used to believe my sole purpose was to teach. Teachers are the backbone to every community. Caring teachers creates caring students, which create a caring future. That’s how I felt.

As I got older, late middle school to early high school days, I thought music was my calling. It’s always been my talent and I’ve always been immersed in musical surroundings. College came along and I decided to combine the two into a Music Education major. We’ll see how that works out when school starts.

Anyway, if you know me personally, you know I’m not a religious person, so-to-speak, but I can be considered very spiritual. I do, however, attend a youth group every Wednesday for the sake of my Bible Thumper friends (it’s a term of endearment coming from me). Lately, things have been resonating with me and I seem to be, unknowingly, relaying the same messages I’m taking in to a certain lost soul I seem to have come across this past year. I talk to her almost every day, help her get through things, console her when she can’t get past things. I see myself in her, and I have the undying urge to just be that little angel on her shoulder.

I think I found out why I’m here. Her. I went through the things I went through to help her get through. That way, she can go on and do the same thing.

I felt the need to share that.

~Yanii M.

I wish I had funny/interesting stories to tell you all

But all I do is sit in my room and pluck hopelessly at my guitar.

Lost (Original Song)

Go ahead. Click it. You know you want to.


One of the BEST ad campaigns about representation I have seen.

Everyone has a backbone. Use yours.

This is wonderful. Reblog this.

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First ever Christian song I’ve written. And it’s just for you, Tumblr. Haven’t posted it anywhere else ^_^

Yanii Marie

Take a gander, my lovelies.

Hey!! Check out this blog. Seriously, go do it.

lilmissanno said: So, you're ridiculously talented and amazing. Thanks for the follow and keep writing--you're great! :)

Oh my gosh, thank you so much! ^_^

Gooood Morning!

Wrote this song recently, yet another song challenge. Thought I’d share it with everyone this morning. Enjoy!

~Yanii M.

Alex Day: Why I'll Never Understand The Music Industry



Bit of an overreaction.

One of the reasons the music industry is so angry all the time is that, during their tenure as the gatekeepers of what we listen to, they found a way to make money from literally every possible music-related thing in the world.

I didn’t realise this until my music…

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